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NP Distribution has a full online transport system called "translink" which is continually updated over the internet. It is a unique and feature-rich online system that allows customers to:

Create Freight Notes
Create Bookings
Monitor the Status of deliveries
View Proof of Deliveries
Check Invoices

By booking online NP Distribution can ensure we send the correct vehicle for each and every job.

With all bookings made online all information is sent to each appropriate section of the business. These systems are:

Local pick ups / allocation screen
Warehouse loading / allocation screen
Translink freight system.

All relavent details are automatically sent to each depot involved in the delivery, therefore minimizing the chance of human error.

Our Software - Warehousing / Distribution

Jaix logistics provides a number of features specific for 3PL customers. Each customer is set up in our system according to their own requirements.

Each part of the warehouse is broken into zones, this allows our staff to pin point the precise location of our customers stock at any given time.

Stock on hand reports are usually provided at the end of each week, via email.
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